I just found out this weekend that the website launched somewhere in August the Android App for their meditation/relaxation free service.

Basically the website shows animations of nature (beach, lake, river, fields, plains, rain, etc), with the corresponding sound. If the meditation is guided we heard a relaxing lady’s voice telling us what to do (close eyes, scan body, focus on breathing, etc)
The app is exactly the same. I tried it and it is amazing. It has guided meditation, a basic tutorial on how to meditate for relaxation and anti-stress.

I strongly advise everybody to try it and meditate/relax for about 10 minutes everyday. Your day will be so much better :)

Very soon I will review the app for Android and website.

My New Fitness Journey (Freeletics Week 1)

Hi there!

I’ve been trying lots of workouts and programs, at home or on the street, like P90X and P90X3, Insanity, Street Workout, BodyCombat, BodyAttack, among others. All of them are very good and can be done anywhere.
Nevertheless, I moved with my wife and now I don’t have the same space to workout, so I searched a gym and found one which is a good balance between price, conditions and space. So I’ve started something I wanted to start for a long time, a Freeletics program. I’ve signed for the 15 week program.

I don’t have any kind of relation with Freeletics or any fitness company or product. It was just a personal choice, as it will be a personal opinion.
I enjoy everything natural, I like real food, I don’t use any kind of supplements.
One last note, I’m a perfectly regular guy, a little bit overweight, with a normal life and job. I’m not an athlete or someone which can afford to dedicate my full time to these activities.

What is Freeletics?
Freeletics is a workout system based on bodyweight exercises, very intense and short (most workouts are between 5 minutes to 45 minutes, depending on many factors. The longest workout in my first week was 39 minutes. The shortest was about 10-15 minutes, but the best Freeletics athletes would do it in about 5 minutes…

My First Freeletics Week
The first week is to get used to it (I chose Strength & Cardio). Usually the first thing to do is finish a Freeletics workout (is not that easy, most people I know would not finish one).

Day 1 started with a workout called Apollon, which I thought would be shorter and easier, but took me 39 minutes to finish (mostly running, burpees and squats). At the end it felt great.
Day 2 started with mixed workouts, Poseidon (only upper body strength, short but hard, with pull-ups and push-ups) mixed with Metis 1/3 (only first set of three – just some fast and intense cardio to end workout). Both workouts took about 18 minutes to finish.
Day 3 brought Hera, a workout mixing running and jumps (fast jumping bringing knee to chest). It’s simple, but not easy. This workout took about 24 minutes to finish.
Day 4 brought a weird workout, a harder level of Aphrodite, but shorter (just the first round, of five), with 50 Burpee Squat Jumps, 50 Pistol Squats (I had to use a TRX to balance) and 50 Jackknifes, which took me about 22 minutes to finish, mostly because of the burpee squat jumps.

I didn’t have any break days, as I started to workout on a Tuesday and I wanted to finish by Friday. At weekends I usually don’t workout, just maybe a recovery run or mountain bike with friends.

Last thoughts
I know this was just the first week, just an introduction, some easier workouts, now week 2 will really hurt (I’ve already checked what is coming), but I can’t wait to start it.
Unfortunately this week I will be working in the night shifts, so working out with bad rest will be even harder…
What can I say? No pain, no gain! Never give up, if it was easy, everybody would do it.